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The ultimate solution to data storage

With our Cloudify-Box, upgrade your external hard drives into your own private cloud and combine the benefits of the cloud and the hard drive.

How does it work ?

Connect your Cloudify-Box

When delivered, plug your freshly arrived Cloudify-Box to any electric plug in your house and connect it to your Wi-Fi modem. Then, connect your external hard drives to any USB slots of your Box.

Build your security

Download our home-made Cloudify app, create an account and install a password to access your hard drives from any device.

Discover & Enjoy !

Your connected hard drives will now be easily accessible on all your devices. You can now enjoy all the benefits of your personal, safely secured at home, powerful cloud.

The cloud storage as never before

Keep all your data safely at home

With WiShelf, upgrade your hard drive and get rid of your old cloud: we offer you a new, private cloud where you can store all your personal data safely.

Did you know ?

Get access to your data everywhere

With WiShelf, your hard drive becomes your personal cloud. The day of bringing your hard drive everywhere (and potentially forgetting it before an important meeting) is other: as long as you are connected by Wi-Fi or 4G, we give you a secure access to your data anywhere you are.

Enjoy a huge cloud storage, just for you

Our Cloudify-Box, which ensure the upgrade of your hard drives, is equipped with 4 USB 3.0 slots. This means that up to 4 hard drives can be connected to your private cloud to give you enough storage for any purpose, without any supplement to your subscription.

Better technology, same material

With our Cloudify-Box, you get the opportunity to give a second life to your hard drives. No need to buy any new storage device: upgrade your hard disk with our Cloudify-Box and enjoy your freshly created personal cloud !

And so much more...


At WiShelf, we think that accessing your data should be the simplest thing on Earth. Therefore, we created the simplest personal cloud possible: just plug your Cloudify-Box, set a password, and enjoy !

Automated Backup

No one should worry about losing his data. With our Cloudify-Box, get access to an automated backup service for all your devices on your personal cloud and never think about your backups anymore !

Smart Photo Album

With our dedicated AI, we push your personal cloud to a new level: just store your pictures on your cloud, and let our AI create all your photo albums directly !

File Transfer Service

We know how transfering big files can be a real pain. Well, not anymore ! Thanks to your personal cloud, share a special link to whoever you want and let them download the files directly on your storage !

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